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Dear friends and comrades from Europe and all around the world,

This page is dedicated to all of you who wish to make this world a better place- for our children and our ancestors.
Serbian National Front stood up from devastated Serbia to start a final fight against the masters of the New Order, against the facishtoid  European Union and worlwide globalisation which destroys the nations that made this world.
We swore to defend our Serbia from the silent occupation of NATO alliance and IMF which aims to rip Serbia apart into small territories ruled by ethnic minorities from our neighbouring countries.
Supported by NATO and EU,  Albania  occupied Serbian holy land of Kosovo and Metohija. Croatia exiled all Serbs from their homes in Croatia and Krajina by another slaughter and war against unarmed civils. In Bosnia, Serbs were removed by force from their ancient lands and homes so that a new nation could be created on the basis of religion- Bosnian Muslims of pure Serbian ethnic origin - were named to be a new nation!


An open letter of Serbian National Front addressed to German Parliament


Dear respected members of German Parliament,

 Numerous centuries had passed in pain and misery for all nations that inhabited Europe and Balkans after  you invaded these territories that you now proudly claim to be yours.
It was in second century A.D. that German tribes came from Yutland, your original fatherland, the frozen land of modern Sweden, Norway and Finland. Led by the cruelest tribe ever- the Vandals- you invaded the lands where Slavic people had lived in peace.
In centuries to come, Germanic tribes slayed and banished Slav people from the territory of modern Germany- only the outskirts of Slav lands remained inhabitated by Chech, Polish and Slovak people.


Продајни кутак