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An open letter of Serbian National Front addressed to German Parliament


Dear respected members of German Parliament,

 Numerous centuries had passed in pain and misery for all nations that inhabited Europe and Balkans after  you invaded these territories that you now proudly claim to be yours.
It was in second century A.D. that German tribes came from Yutland, your original fatherland, the frozen land of modern Sweden, Norway and Finland. Led by the cruelest tribe ever- the Vandals- you invaded the lands where Slavic people had lived in peace.
In centuries to come, Germanic tribes slayed and banished Slav people from the territory of modern Germany- only the outskirts of Slav lands remained inhabitated by Chech, Polish and Slovak people.

So, agressive as you were, armed and merciless, you took the land that was not yours. Unfortunately, in time, your warrior apetites did not calm down. You never stopped your vandal conquests of the rest of Europe, further and further into the heart of Europe and towards Balkans, where Serbia stood in your way: free, independant  and ortodox.
Nothing was enough for you, nothing was satisfying for your destructive occupation of whatever you wished to plunder and rob. So, you have been coming over and over to conquer Serbia, to kill my people and rob my fair country.
While you were occupying Europe, for many centuries oppressing all nations that stood in your way- my poor country had been invaded by  Turkish Osman Empire. In 14th century A.D. small Serbia defended whole Europe and your Empire. After the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, when all of Serbia died in one day, on 28th of June, holy day called „Vidovdan“ for 500 hundred years Serbia was enslaved by Muslims and you remained free and alive.
Not one sign of your gratitude or help Serbia received in the centuries of Turkish crimes and bestial treatment of Serbian people. You were now part of Catholic Church and you blackmailed Serbia to become a slave of the Vatican and turn to Catholicism or remain  Turkish slave. Sebia was robbed, butchered, raped and slayed by Turks but you did nothing about it. Serbian children had been taken from their mothers to become Turkish warriors for centuries, but you did nothing for Serbia which saved your country.

When finally in 18th century Turkish Empire was coming to its end, Germany again stood against Serbia. Purposly and with pleasure, Germany obstructed Serbia to gain its freedom after 500 years of Turkish enslavement.
Prоtected by Slavic brothers from mighty Russia, Serbia somehow rose up against the Turks and Serbia led the liberation of Balkans’nations from the Turkish Empire. When we managed to set our country free, you could not stand the failure of your plan to take the place of Turks and enslave Balkans. Again, the bravest people in Balkans, Serbs, stood in your way.
So, in 1914 you came with your killers, with your guns and bayonettes to committ the first real genocide in human history. In Serbian bоrder region of Machva your coward soldiers had killed, butchered and hanged Serbian children, women and innocent civils. German and Austrian soldiers had cut pregnant womenş stomachs, pulling out the unborn babies which they stabbed with bayonettes. German bestial soldiers had thrown a three month old baby to be eaten alive by pigs! German soldiers had hanged young boys and helpless children because our just and coragiuos armies were defeating you although ten times smaller than your troops from hell.
In the first world war you had committed so many crimes against humanity in Serbia. The books, photographs and documents are despicable, bestial and unbelieveable for a human mind. In this war you created and supported Albanian terrorists who then started to steal Serbian Kosovo and Metohija.
Rising from the ashes of hell, after retreating across Albania to Greece, living skeletons and sick Serbian soldiers started the heroic breakthrough of Thessaloniki front. Undefeatable and unstoppable, Serbs rushed to free their homes from German occupator. Although Serbs found their homes burned and robbed, wives raped or butchered, children dead or sick- none of the Serbian soldires ever showed any bestiality towards your soldiers or your children. We had forgiven all German and Austrian crimes, helped by Croats, Albanians and Bulgarians whom you took for your allies.
In the name of future, we forgave the unforgivable and bestial crimes of your country, of your soldiers and your terrorist allies: Croats, Albanians and Bulgarians. Serbia lived although you cried: „Serbia must die“.
However, our nobility and Christian ortodox innocence got us fooled again. It was not even two decades of peace in which we hardly healed our wounds and just built our burned homes from the ground- and you came again.
„Life space“ said Adolf Hitler, was your excuse for another and further invasion of Europe. Poland, Checoslovakia, Russia and Serbia were in your way. Your dream of getting the path towards warm seas of Greece and Turkey, invasion of the Black Sea and plunder of rich Russia caused another World war.
Again your soldiers invaded Serbia ruthlessly killing women, children and old people. This time you had been killing 100 Serbs for one killed German soldier. Again you had robbed our mines, museums, churches, stole our food and timber. In German bomb raids on Serbia in 1941 you have deliberately burnt our national library, schools and hospitals, civilian targets- houses and suburbs.
Again you made pacts with shameless Albanians, Muslims in Bosnia and sick Croats. With your support they torchered and butchered Serbian civils, burning their homes, killing their children. The methods those unhuman friends of yours had used still make people throw up instantly: Serbs were killed with hammers, knives and daggers. Albanians, Croats and Muslims regularly ripped skin of still alive Serbs. Serbian children were held in death camps of Croatia where they were poisoned, starved to death, beaten, slayed, buried alive. Sick and bestial Croats counted how many babies one bayonet could cut through. As a gift to one German officer, Croats had brought a bucket full of eyes they dug out with daggers from Serbian children who took this torchure alive!
In Kosovo, with your full blessing, terorrist Albanian gangs burned, raped, skinned alive and torchured every Serbian individual- pregnant women, babies, children, old and young. With your help they were supposed to occupy Kosovo and hand it over to you.
 In Bosnia, where Serbs have lived forever, you armed and supported the Muslims to butcher Serbs- you promised them Serbian lands and territories in return. One German officer cried to Muslims to stop the genocide on river Drina, when he found out that Muslims  killed and slayed Serbian women and children for three days and nights. The river had turned red from innocent blood. Mothers captured by Muslims threw their children alive into river Drina- for this was an easy death compared to what Muslims did to children.
Serbian people were burnt alive in their houses and ortodox churches.
Again, Serbian people rose from slavery and your coward occupation. The troops of Russian Red Army crashed your fachist hords. In the Nirnberg trials the world had heard of more crimes that a man cannot imagine nor understand: in the city of Gdanjsk the Nazis were making soaps by melting Jews, Russian and Gypsy people. The Nazis had pulled golden teeth from live people and produced matresses from human hair!
Needless to mention the death camps where you killed and suffocated millions of people. My grandpa had worked in your death camps- he was beaten, starved and frozen and he worked untill he turned to skeleton. He was burried alive but he crawled out of his grave and was hiding near some farm untill Germany capitulated. He returned to Serbia in 1946 as a ghost and a skeleton. His wife was raped, torchured and slayed and both his children Vladimir and Svetlana died of hunger because German soldires had taken everything.
Every Serbian family had been struck by your evildoing  at least twice in this century. „Serbia must die“ remained your  dream even in the 20th century.
Once again you came- for the third time in 100 years time, Germany has risen in evil and attacked Serbia in 1999. Like in 1914, like in 1941., you had armed and supported the same villains and butchers who were always your killing instruments of hate and destruction: Croats, Albanians and Muslims which again started to slay and butcher Serbian people on the whole territory of former Yugoslavia. Your shamefull part in bloody, civil wars in Yugoslavia will be remembered. Germany itself had done everything in her power to arrouse the evil allies again and to pesuade the world that Serbs are killers.
On 24th of March in 1999, together with countries of NATO pact you had courageosly bombed Serbian people for the third time in this century. You killed in the name of terrorist Albanian occupators of our holy Kosovo. You killed women, children and old people again. You crashed our schools, kindergardens and hospitals. 30.000 uranium bombs were dropped on Serbiain just three months. You destroyed our roads, communications- you poisoned our air, water and soil. You had caused massive genocide of Serbian people as a cosequence of radiatio’- every year after the bombing in 1999. at least 20.000 people dies from tumors, cancers and sarkoms. Children are born with rare and deadly deseases caused by uranium. Every year from 1999. more than 30.000 people is diagnosed with deadly fruits of radiation.
It is 2015 now. Again you attack Serbia. Again you support Albanian drug maffia, you close your eyes for their crimes against Serbs in occupied Kosovo.
Germany, like it did in 1914, 1941 and 1999. wants to make another bloody war. Why must Serbia die? Please explain, you would make it easier to understand this German madness and hate for Serbian people.
You are now joining the efforts to surround Russia and crush, it in order to rob their fortunes.
Once again you are taking the wrong turn. Once again you think that evil power can win the resistance and defence of just and brave small Serbian people.
Pleae, tell us when did Serbia invade any country?
Please tell us how many times have we forgiven you?
Please tell us- do you think it was enough?
Please tell us- do you expect  we will sit helplessly and wait for another genocide?
Please tell us- have you spoken to your fathers and forefathers about how they left Serbia after all German vainless occupations?
Please tell us- will you ever stop sinning and will you ever remove this curse from your children and grandchildren?
You have guessed a lot and you have planned wrong again.
Yes, by now Serbia should be all broken, sick thanks to your uranium presents, that Serbia should be begging for bread, because you robbed us numerous times.
Yes, by now any other nation would be kissing your hand and would have kneeled before you- but not the Serbs!
Do not count on the spies and traitors that you pay in Serbia!
Do not count on your BND media that poison our people and frighten them with false facts and greasy lies about European Union „Dreamland“!
Do not count on your well-armed troops- you have the armies of drugged zombies who now that they must occupy an innocent people and the country that does not belong to them!
Do not calculate facts and numbers- your figures do not work in Balkans.
If you once again plan to start the world war, with your new fachist American friends and other evil NATO allies-  I would strongly suggest that you re-read the history books again.
This time Russian and Serbian troops will march straight to Berlin and then you will be trialled for every single crime you had commited in the last 100 years. A 5-meter wall will be rebuilt around whole Germany and no one will ever speak to you  nor  forget your evildoing.
If you want oil, gas and Russian goods- then pay for it. Trade for it! No one ever invaded Russia- so neither will you this time!
If you want the path towards warm seas through Serbia, Macedonia and Greece- then do it as friend and investor, not by the force and occupation of Serbian Kosovo.
The time has come for Germany to denounce its evil heritage and become a country of normal and not bloodthursty people.
If you should fail again to denounce evil- it will mean a war uniitll the end of civilisation or untill your end.
Serbia does not have a choice. You are making the moves.
We are the original settlers of Europe and Balkans.
We are the legitimate inhabitants of this land.
Kosovo is Serbian and will remain so untill the end of time.
Serbia will not die even, if you kill the last Serb in Serbia- out of our territory 7 million Serbs live around the world.
This is why Serbia will never die!
Yes, you go on repeating that Serbia must die and you can bet that history will repeat once again.
If German people continue to support your American lords who comfortly sit in their safe homes acress the ocean and command you- everything that happens will once again be your choice and your guilt.
So, I am asking German people to wise up and demand from your Parliament to explain: Why must Serbia die?

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