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Dear friends and comrades from Europe and all around the world,

This page is dedicated to all of you who wish to make this world a better place- for our children and our ancestors.
Serbian National Front stood up from devastated Serbia to start a final fight against the masters of the New Order, against the facishtoid  European Union and worlwide globalisation which destroys the nations that made this world.
We swore to defend our Serbia from the silent occupation of NATO alliance and IMF which aims to rip Serbia apart into small territories ruled by ethnic minorities from our neighbouring countries.
Supported by NATO and EU,  Albania  occupied Serbian holy land of Kosovo and Metohija. Croatia exiled all Serbs from their homes in Croatia and Krajina by another slaughter and war against unarmed civils. In Bosnia, Serbs were removed by force from their ancient lands and homes so that a new nation could be created on the basis of religion- Bosnian Muslims of pure Serbian ethnic origin - were named to be a new nation!

In 1999. Serbia had been bombed by NATO without approval of United Nations. In this criminal raid, Serbia as sovereign country was destroyed and punished in the name of „ genocide“ of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo which never happened, as time has proved.
Not only bombed, but Serbia was bombed with 30.000 tons of uranium bombs which left permanent consequences equal to real geniocide for Serbian people.
We are fighting cancer, tumors, sarkoms and such vicious deseases that human mind can not imagine. Our children are born sick or dead. Young couples can not conceive to have children. Older and middle-aged people die like it is the time of  plague again.
Dear friends, people of European countries- you know well that Serbia never commited the „crimes“ it was accused of by EU and NATO. Everyone in Europe knows Albanians and knows Serbs as neighbours. We do not have to tell you the difference.
We only need to unite and get rid of our politicians who profit on our misery and destruction of every nation in the name of  cursed kingdom called „European Union“.
This „union“ started as an economic agreement but in time these monstruous minds of European Union took control of our countries: economic agreement became a hidden political conspiracy of the bireaucrats who betrayed their own countries and who created a  dark state above all countries of Europe.
This new gang then started to destroy every country which would enter the evil empire as a member of EU: first sweet promises of wealth and benefits and then total slavery and plunder of the new member.
European Union took our countries, corrupted our governments, destoyed our economies, took control over our lives, our cultures and tradition- slowly melting everything into multi-culti unrecognizable mass of minced nations without their original identities.
On the top of EU, the politicians from our countries betray our interests and eagerly work against their homelands. This gang has no other aim but to live on our backs with their abnormal wages and positions that they take without any control.
At the same time, people all around European Union suffer to survive every day, every month. Since our counries are being destroyed and enslaved by EU, NATO and IMF people are left without jobs, without future, without any safety- nothing is guaranteed by EU.
One is true for sure - after becoming a „member“ of this monstruous „Union“ every country gets enormous amounts of money, but not for our development and progress, but to fill up the pockets of greedy local politicians.
As it was with Greece, EU financed corrupted politicians who pulled Greece into debts and credits with high interests. Now, when the bill for this robbery is put before people of Greece, it seems that no other solution is possible but an open war of citizens against their politicians. All the money that was taken went into politicianş pockets and the people are now forced to pay the bills they never made.
The same happened with Portugal, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania... Hungary showed a brave face and stopped this shameful and suicidal dictates from Brussels. Italy, Spain and France are struggling to keep the head above the flood of misery and poverty that is coming. Austria is hanging on but it feels the changes for worse. Only agressive and dominant Germany helped by influence of NATO and USA has profited once again. Great Britain stands somewhere between, not fully integrated into EU, nor fully independant from it.  Poland, Slovakia, Chech republic have nothing to be happy about.
However, the maliciuos influence on economies of once free and successful countries is the last bad thing that EU has brought. Far more dangerous process that ruins our future and any chance for recovery is the influence of EU on our cultures, traditions and languages- EU is destroying the identity of every nation, trying to put us all into the melting pot until we all loose what makes us authentic and original as every nation is.
This silent but deadly process is supported by American hegemony over Europe through IMF and NATO. Having no original language, tradition or national origin, USA try to globalise the heart of first civilization: Europe.
Doing so, USA will erase every differnce between nations, enslave European nations under the flag of EU and finally rule over us forever.
Why do we people and nations of old Europe need Americans to tell us what to do? We don’t- but they need our markets, they need us as their customers and us as instruments in their bloody wars around the globe!
Dear friends and fellow Europeans- EU instructed by USA, NATO and IMF is slowly but surely taking over our countries. This evil empire is taking away our jobs, our houses and children.
The worst attack these calculated villains are fulfilling is attack on our families and our national identities.
Namely, the laws that destroy our family life, the laws that create sick and pervert society are created in the premises of EU and then, with the help of our corrupted politicians, these „laws“ are forced on us top-bottom, without asking us if we agee at all.
Drugs, prostitution, pornography and obscure behaviors are legal and tolerated- it seems that we live in the byblical sin-cities of Sodoma and Gomora. Criminal of all sorts, work slavery, sex slavery, human organs trade and child abuse are flourishing. Middle-ages look like an ideal society compared to what we have today.
The „laws“ of EU force alienation among people, destruction of old cultures and our traditions. The families are crushed by laws and „projects“ which turn children against parents. Parents are just modern working slaves- they have no time for any life beside work and no time to raise their children- working hours get longer and our lives get shorter. Wages get lower and lower- while Brussel thieves get wages that kings and pharaohs never had!
EU destroys good, old educational systems and introduces millions of quasi-educated individuals with high-degree diplomas and no knowledge or employment. Young people in EU have no chance to start a family and have independant lives.
EU destroys every positive tradition that European people preserved from decay and anhillation. European Union is not united- on the contrary- it forces hatereed and conflicts among its members, by forcing ones to profit from this pact, and forcing others to commit suicide!
So, there we are- on the verge of economic disaster and even another world war.
Rotten in its roots, EU has pushed European nations to the last limits of human endurance and tollerance, but its not yet falling apart as it should be?
As Hitler blamed it all on Jews, now EU lead by Germany and USA blames it all on Russia.
Good, old American recipe for fooling the people- war would silence the rebellion in Europe and keep the focus out of criminal that EU has forced upon us for decades. The war against Russia would provide theft of Russian goods, energy and natural resources, so that bankrupt EU can save its broken empire.
Dear friends, people of Europe- do not bite whatever these villains from Brussels, NATO and IMF serve us!
We don’t need another world war- we need a war against Brussels, against NATO alliance, against American hegemony and against rising of militant Germany.
European Union must fall apart and all counries need to retrieve their sovereignity: to keep our languages, our traditions and our differences- this is why the world is so unique and beautiful.
We need to sound attack on betrying politicians who ruined our economies, our jobs and our safety. Europe belongs to many different nations: we should trade freely, we should produce what we want and what we can – as much as we want , with no artificial control from EU, which advances only privileged members and limits others.
The last but not the least important- EU is forcing devastating migrations of people resulting in conflicts that may cause small civil wars on every corner. EU politics introduced so called multi-culturalism, where the immigrants who come to seek better life in our coutries, suddenly get the right to suppress our culture, our religions, our language and tradition.
At the same time, immigrant tend to overrule the legitimate nations in their own countries and force the foreign customs and values that they bring from their countries of origin.
This forced change of European values and traditions must stop. Every immigrant who enters a foreign country must respect the culture of that nation. Otherwise, those who as minority and immigrants impose their values and culture above the host country- must by law be obliged to either accept our rules or leave our countries.
EU is forcing this awkward process, it imposes the rights of intuders above the rights of the host. This abnormality additionally endangered our lives and our countries- the balance there used to be must be established again.
Any other way is pointless, any other path is dangerous.
At this moment, European nations are standing before their own extinction and once again Europe is put to test.
It is upon us to rise against European Union, it is upon us to throw out the USA from Europe and make them take care about their own problems and bankrupcy.
It is upon us to deconstruct the NATO pact- which lost its purpose and the aim of existance- apart from being a threat to all peaceful nations around the world.
It is the final hour to restore our original values, different for every nation- to bring back ourt currencies, our factories, our educational systems- to protect our families from moral decay and renew our old traditions.
European countries have to gain back thier freedom from Brussel masters- otherwise, these greedy and selfish mad birocrats, are going to burry us alive.
It is clear and predictable that the USA are pushing Europe into another world war- this time accusing Russia to be the cause of conflict that does not have anything to do with democracy, human rights nor justice: it is all about stealing Russian natural resources!
Dear friends, let us all stand up and stop this black vision of our future. Every nation within its country  of origin needs to denounce this evil empire of European Union and make way for better life.
We are inviting all good people in Europe to wake up and start the fight.
Through this page we can cooperate, exchange true and  valid information that are hidden from us by EU media and propaganda.
Through this page we can make a united front of European nations and help European Union fall apart as soon as possible.

You can contact us at Ова адреса ел. поште је заштићена од спамботова. Омогућите JavaScript да бисте је видели. in English and we will be glad to cooperate.

Serbian National Front- Solidarity Movement for a better world!

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